Y2OK? ChronoCorrector V5.1

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ESI Computing was formed in 1996 as an off spin of the Earnest Stuffe Institute, the Company specialises in esoteric correction software (ECS) with particular emphasis on the year 2000 problems.

ChronoCorrector V5.1
Although functionally successful version 1.1 through 4.3 were generally considered to be conceptually difficult to master. This has been fully addressed in V5.1 and feedback from V5, the 'Beta' version, have been encouraging.

Uptake by local authorities, health authorities and a commercial organisation has been healthy.

User Support
As well as the Comprehensive Help database there is full online tutorial facilities, both of these are delineated in a multi-level structure that is experience dependent.

ESI Training Ltd provide a full range of staff training programs which can be in house or outhouse. Please contact ESI Training Management for details.

This software, known as ChronoCorrector V5.1, is licensed to a single user and is non resident, the CD supplied cannot be copied to any medium. For a copy of the full licence conditions contact ESI. Please note that ignorance is no defense.

Installation #897665/ad/ag/ak/005.
Licence #UK447665ZZ005

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