ChronoCorrector Format

ESI Computing has ensured that ChronoCorrector V5.1 incorporates all known format drivers. In the unlikely instance of new drivers appearing ESI Computing undertakes to install these new formats automatically using the Universal Modem Install Protocol (UMIP).

Formats Installed
The following format drives have been installed:

Hiss001.ccf Hiss002.ccf Hiss003.ccf Hiss004.ccf Hiss005.ccf
mort001.ccf mort002.ccf mort003.ccf mort004.ccf mort005.ccf

OEM Drivers:SarKen Ace, Driblem 14, Casters7x, NuDrive98, Slashkin, Minsop16 & 32, DraxB, SinSop96, HandShake3, KnotSys, PL3445, Diadem, Paddle5, SUS, Melon KPT.

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